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Woodland All Sport Challenge
Sat Jul 25 09:40:00 EDT 2015

Ultimate All Sport Challenge
at Woodland Golf Course

Saturday, July 25th | 1pm Shotgun

Bring Your Own Equipment!
Soccer Balls | Tennis Balls | Frizbees | Nerf Balls, Rockets & Vortexes
Are all Permitted

You Must Use a Different “Ball”/Projectile for Each Stroke Approaching the Green

$20 Per Person
9 Holes | Cart | A Whole Lot of Fun!

Call 513.451.4408 to Register

Rules and Regulations
1. Regular rules of golf apply
2. No personal coolers permitted on the course
3. Golf carts must remain 30 feet from tees and greens. 
4. Maximum of 2 people per cart/four people to a group
5. Tennis/gym or soft spike golf shoes only - no cleats. 
6. Any type ball in a "Nerf" material/texture permitted. Soccer and tennis balls, Frizbees and "Nerf" "rockets"/vortex are also allowed. No "regular" baseballs, golf balls, footballs or balls of any kind other than stated.
7. No throwing of Clubs, bats, hockey stix or any other "club like" instrument used to hit the ball. 
8. You must use a different "ball" projectile for each stroke approaching the green.
9. One on the green, "ball" may not the thrown but must be "putted" into the hole using some type of "club" 
10. Each time you hit or throw the ball is considered one (1) stroke. Mark your scorecard accordingly. 
11. The winner will be dertermined after all particiants have finished and turned in their scorecards. The person with the Low Gross score is the winner!